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Travel on Capri is proud to be the official Travel Agent for the National Trust of Australia, New South Wales for over 15 years.  Explore the histories and cultures of faraway lands in comfort and style.  Enjoy wonderful scenery, food and wines with experienced National Trust guides, and make new friends in the small groups of people who share your own interests and love of travel.

Piedmont Italy - 21-30 May 2018
Join us on this exciting new tour with our Italian hosts, Barbara and Ugo, and unpack only twice as we explore the birthplace of the ‘slow food’ movement. Enjoy extended stays in Turin and Pollenzo, giving plenty of time to explore this beautiful part of Italy which has been influenced in its past history by France and is off the usual tourist path. The relaxed pace will ensure that you will have time to enjoy the local cuisine and wine and experience the superb scenery of this inviting part of Northern Italy. 

Scottish Isles - 2-15 June 2018
This unique tour combines a cruise of the Scottish Isles with a tour of the Highlands. Your journey begins in Edinburgh before an escape to the Highlands, visiting ancient castles and historic sites. At the end of our land tour, we enjoy a 6 night cruise aboard a chartered traditional wooden fishing boat lovingly converted to provide a charming and spacious cruising accommodation with every comfort. The coastline of the Hebrides is one of the most unspoiled and beautiful natural environments in the world with breathtaking scenery and a haven for wildlife- our cruising area is around Mull, one of the most unspoiled and beautiful natural environments in the world, rich in history, culture and wildlife. 

Norfolk Island - 16-23 October 2018
A repeat of one of our popular, exclusive National Trust tours. Rich in history, Norfolk Island is breathtakingly beautiful with plenty to enjoy, including wonderful food. Twice used as a penal colony known for its harsh treatment of convicts, it became home of the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers, allowed to relocate from Pitcairn by Queen Victoria. The original township of Kingston, a World Heritage Site, includes restored Georgian buildings. Accommodation is in the prestigious Governor’s Lodge Resort.

Japan - 3-18 November 2018
Experience the mystery of Japan in Autumn on this small group tour with like-minded National Trust members. Japan is a land of over 3,000 islands, an ancient land of contrasts and contradictions, from sky-scraping cities to rustic rural villages, cutting edge technologies to timeless traditions, this is a country rich in cultural anomalies. Westernised, but different from any Western country; part of Asia, but unlike any other Asian country; Japan is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Meet the gracious locals as we explore the vibrant and exciting capital of Tokyo, the ancient and former capital of Kyoto, together with charming old-world villages, picturesque lakes and mountains, hot springs, Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and more.

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